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Our Mission
Our primary mission is to provide an opportunity for all law-abiding citizens to obtain a CCW permit at an affordable price with a great experience. The reason our class is less expensive than the competition is because it’s not all about the money it’s about a safe community!

Our Philosophy

The philosophy we have here at is oriented around the family and our neighbors. We want all law abiding and responsible citizens to competently and comfortably exercise their second amendment rights. We want people to be able to competently protect themselves and their family if they happen to fall into an unfortunate situation. That is why we have priced our course’s the way we have, so we can provide the most comprehensive, professional experience available to more members of our community.

Our Teaching Approach

We asked ourselves why a CCW class experience should be boring and expensive. Our service is the highest level of professional instruction and education available. All individuals will leave comfortable and competent while handling a handgun no matter how little if any firearm experience they had before attending this class. Once you have attended this course, you will be eligible to apply for your CCW in Ohio and Florida.

Our Experienced Team

All of our instructors are NRA-certified and experienced in civilian carry and are comfortable teaching the do’s and don’ts as well as the why’s, where’s, and where not’s.  Our course’s meet or exceed all OH and FL state requirements which are why we guarantee that our training will meet all Ohio and Florida requirement to qualify for your CCW along with the instructor’s commitment to safe high quality education and an overall great experience.

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If you are serious about protecting yourself and your family, you will be just as serious about preparing to do so…”

Dan Colvin



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